I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.

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Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.

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Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

ليتنا أنا وأنت جئنا العالم قبل اختراع التلفزيون والسينما لنعرف هل هذا حب حقًا أم أننا نتقمص ما نراه ؟

I wish you & I existed before the invention of TV and cinema so that we may know if this is really love or we’re simply impersonating what we see

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You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

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Hebron, West Bank | April 10, 2014

Photos by Ammar Awad/Reuters

1. A Palestinian vendor organises a display of glass ornaments in a glass factory.

2. A Palestinian man paints a traditional vase in a ceramic factory.

3. A Palestinian man paints a traditional ceramic plate in a ceramic factory.

4. Palestinians work in a ceramic factory.

5. A Palestinian man uses a potter’s wheel to make a traditional vase in a ceramic factory.

6. A Palestinian glassblower uses a blowpipe to make a traditional vase in a workshop.

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A beautifully done animation on how you became you.

See the full video here as I left out some really cool parts.

From 300 or so million down to ONE.


Yo this shit is cool when you think about it.

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وردة ومحمد عبدالوهّاب.


وردة ومحمد عبدالوهّاب.


Fi Youm We Lela- Warda

RIP to such a great legend </3


Amman, Jordanعمان٬ الأردنby shadialrasheed www.batuta.com


Amman, Jordan
عمان٬ الأردن
by shadialrasheed 



Amman, Jordan, in the golden hour


Amman, Jordan, in the golden hour